How to Help

Primary Needs:
1: Pro Bono family law and immigration attorney or the financial means to hire a litigator

2: Assistance with fund raising: spreading the word, on-line and amongst your family and community networks, holding fund raising events, obtaining corporate sponsorship, sourcing in-kind gifts

3: Donations of air miles on Alaska Air and Qantas, the two major carriers who service the Seattle-Brisbane route

life is better with friends

Secondary Needs:
1: Practical assistance and financial support during chemotherapy and radiation treatment:
*** housekeeping help,
*** help with organic food purchase and preparation,
*** gas cards and cash to offset cost of daily trips to treatment, check-ups and parking (7 weeks of radiation, 5 days per week, and a further 3 cycles of chemotherapy – each cycle is 21-days),
*** cash or in-kind gifts to help cover household and living expenses

2: Assistance in providing support for my boy as we go down this road; he is very, very bright… AND…he has some anxiety that is rooted in the difficult journey we have endured… AND…he has some sensory inputting issues that affect how he learns, so we are homeschooling – I need more support and resources to enable him to access a wider range of learning opportunities…

thank you

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