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I’m Sahila and I’m so very pleased to meet you…

Thank you for stopping by and taking an interest in my efforts to get my son and I home to Brisbane, Australia…

The aim of this fund raising campaign is to bring in the money and other resources we need to hire an attorney who will persuade a Family Court judge that it is now time to allow my son to go back to the country in which he was born, to be with the rest of his family….

I tried to get us home in 2012, didn’t have the money for a lawyer, represented myself, did the best I could with what I had, and lost…

I’m planning to go to court again in the first quarter of 2016; timing is influenced by how successful I am in raising the money required to hire an attorney and by the expiration of my Green Card, mid-2016…

My boy and I live in Seattle, Washington, USA. We came here to be with his father in 2004, for what was supposed to be 5 years, and 11 years later we are still here, separated from the rest of our family…

It’s been challenging – domestic violence and cancer, Protection Orders, separation, homelessness, more cancer, divorce, transitional housing, more cancer, finally getting into affordable housing, no work, ongoing cancer treatment, getting older, missing grown children’s weddings and the birth of grand-babies…

It’s time to go home….

You can find details of our story – the journey, what should happen next, what resources and help we need, time-lines and budgets – on the pages listed at the top of this homepage…. This site is a “work in progress”; I’ll be posting additional information regularly, as well as fund raising updates…

If you feel moved, you can donate to our cause via the DONATION BUTTON on this page, and under the GIVE HELP tab. If you wish to donate privately or via another on-line payment processing option, please message me and we will work it out.

Thank you for your caring, support and generosity…




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